Universal Vacuum Tip Kit (UVTK000)


The UVTK000 includes optional vacuum tip connections for the FVT16 providing a universal solution for vacuum induction services.  The kit includes (3) vcauum connection hoses, the UVFF000 vacuum port induction tip, UVFHA00 Kia/Hyundai MPA sensor port tip, UUVS028 Universal High-Flow Gold Vacuum orifice in a small case.

Nozzle Tip Kit for:
Fuel Service Tool
(FVT16 UVTK000)

SKU: UVTK000 Category: Tags: , ,
SKU: UVTK000 Category: Tags: , ,
Features of Universal Vacuum Tip Kit (UVTK000):
  • Includes UUVS028 Universal High-Flow Gold Vacuum orifice (not recommended for 4-cylinder or smaller engines)
  • Includes UVFF000, 3 step tip for use with Ford 4-cylinder MAP sensor & PVC induction ports, and the 6-cylinder MAP sensor port
  • Includes UVFHA00 Hyundai/Kia MAP sensor port vacuum tip
  • Includes 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ hoses to connect between the UVFH000 and appropriate induction hose vacuum barb
  • Includes small, plastic case for storage of optional tips

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Service Instructions


① Remove the tool fill cap and fill tool with induction cleaner.

② Ensure that the process valve is turned to the closed position.

③ Locate a centralized vacuum source on the engine as close to the throttle body as possible to provide even flow of induction cleaner to all runners.

④ Attach the tool nozzle to the vacuum port. This may require a short section of tubing to connect to the vacuum port. Keep short as possible.

⑤ Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature.

⑥ Raise the engine speed to 1200-1500 RPM for the duration of the service.

⑦ Open the process valve on the tool as far as possible without stalling the engine. If stalling does occur, immediately close the process valve and let engine run until cleared.

⑧ Snap the throttle every minute to ensure there is no puddling of cleaner. Ensure engine does not stall during service.

⑨ After the fuel tool is completely empty, let the engine run an additional 10 minutes then drive briskly to clear induction system.

⑩ Clear any engine codes.


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