Master Fuel Injection Kit (FIKM000)


The FIKM000 is a master fuel injection adapter kit that provides an extensive range of fuel injection adapters for both domestic and international gasoline vehicles.  This is one of the most complete adapter kits available for techs wanting to service all their customers vehicles.  Used to help diagnose and correct vehicle drivability issues related to fuel injector and combusion chamber deposits.

Master Fuel Injection Adapter Kit for:
Fuel Service Tool (FST16 and FST24 #FIKM000)
Adapters sold as a kit

SKU: FIKM000 Category: Tags: , ,
SKU: FIKM000 Category: Tags: , ,
Features of Master Fuel Injection Kit (FIKM000):
  • Master set of fuel injection adapters
  • Rectus style connections
  • Supports both domestic and international gasoline vehicles
  • Sturdy storage case included

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attached required fuel injection adapter to vehicle and service tool. Disengage vehicle fuel pump.

③ Set tool pressure required for engine. Open service hose valve and start engine. Run all cleaner until engine stops.

④ Remove tool & fuel injection adapter. Re-engage fuel pump.


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attach “S” Tool or Flex Nozzle Tool for induction service.

③ Close service hose valve and set tool pressure to 60 psi.

④ Install “S” tool in fresh air tube at throttle plate, or set Flex Nozzle Tool from throttle plate with fresh air tube removed (disconnect MAF sensor).

⑤ Run service on warm engine at 1200 RPM. Blow out 3-4 times during service to strip soot/carbon and clear induction system.

⑥ After service, run 10 min. then drive briskly to clear induction system.

⑦ Reconnect MAF sensor and clear any engine codes.


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