Aerosol Cone (90) Single Port Delivery Tool (TN75005)


The tool is used with either foam or liquid aerosol products with a 1/4″ OD dispensing nozzle. The cone with 90-degree tip allows the tool to be mounted into an induction port where directional flow is preferred (if the port allows) or in the fresh air boot directly in front of the throttle body.

Aerosol Induction Tool Application for:
Aerosol Fuel Products with 1/4″ OD Dispensing Tip

SKU: TN75005 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: TN75005 Category: Tags: ,
Features of Aerosol Cone (90) Single Port Delivery Tool (TN75005):
  • Install into induction sensor port where directional flow is preferred. Test fit to ensure the tip can be inserted cleanly to allow the cone to be fully secured in the port.
  • Allows aerosol products to be dispensed into the vacuum port, held firmly in position without allowing vacuum leaks.
  • Use the most centrally located port, closest to the throttle body to allow even distribution of cleaner through the entire engine.
  • The tool can also be positioned in the fresh air vent directly in front of the throttle body to perform a through throttle body induction service. Position 90-degree tip so cleaner sprays directly into the throttle body.

Additional information

Service Instructions


① Remove the best locatin sensor and insert the (TN75005) aerosol cone 90 delivey tool firmly into an induction port. Test to see if tip can be cleanly inserted. Confirm port has good vacuum, is centrally located and close to the throttle body. Tool may also be used in the fresh air boot directly in front of the throttle body.  Position the tip so the cleaner is directed at the throttle body. If the vehicle does not run well when started, shut off the engine, remove the electical connection to the sensor and restart the engine.

② Attach the TN75005) tool to the aerosol product by pushing the push-to-connect union onto the 1/4″ OD dispenser tip.

③ Start the engine with the vehicle in Park or Nuetral and adjust engine speed to 1200-2000 RPM. Spray the product in short bursts so as to not stall the engine. If the engine will not run well, shut off and remove the electrical connection then restart the engine.

④ Continue to run the engine for (2) minutes after the can is empty.

⑤ Remove tool from can by pulling back on the union’s latching collar.


① Requires use of 1/4″ OD dispensing. Use throttle stick or AffinityEG ADTEH Extension Hose assembly to control engine RPM.

② For best results use Wynn’s Job Aid for recommended service procedure.


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