Minor Fuel Injection Adapter Kit (FIK38516)


The FIK38516 minor fuel injection adapter kit provides adapters for common 3/8″ and 5/16″ fuel lines, hose connections and the larger GM size Schrader valve fuel rail connections.  This is a value positioned kit that provides a good range of connection options without the higher cost of a universal adapter set.  Used to help diagnose and correct vehicle drivability issues related to fuel injector and combusion chamber deposits.

Minor Injection Adapter Kit for:
Fuel Service Tool (FST16 and FST24 FIK38516)
Adapters sold as a kit

SKU: FIK38516 Category: Tags: , ,
SKU: FIK38516 Category: Tags: , ,
Features of Minor Fuel Injection Adapter Kit (FIK38516):

Fuel Injection Adapter Kit—3/8″ &5/16″ Line
Rectus style connectors

3/8″ Female
3/8″ Male
3/8″ Hose
5/16″ Female
5/16″ Male
5/16″ Hose
3-step hose fitting
Large Schrader
Block-off coupler (Rectus female)
Hose clamps
Case (not shown)

Additional information

Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attached required fuel injection adapter to vehicle and service tool. Disengage vehicle fuel pump.

③ Set tool pressure required for engine. Open service hose valve and start engine. Run all cleaner until engine stops.

④ Remove tool & fuel injection adapter. Re-engage fuel pump.


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attach “S” Tool or Flex Nozzle Tool for induction service.

③ Close service hose valve and set tool pressure to 60 psi.

④ Install “S” tool in fresh air tube at throttle plate, or set Flex Nozzle Tool from throttle plate with fresh air tube removed (disconnect MAF sensor).

⑤ Run service on warm engine at 1200 RPM. Blow out 3-4 times during service to strip soot/carbon and clear induction system.

⑥ After service, run 10 min. then drive briskly to clear induction system.

⑦ Reconnect MAF sensor and clear any engine codes.


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