Fuel Service Tools

Premium Tools

Affinity EG creates functional yet robust tools for your fuel services. Our tools are built to last. We continue to improve our tools and increase adapters to fit your car model’s needs.

Fuel Service Tool (FST16)

16 oz canister for easy jobs for pressurized application

Fuel Service Tool (FST24)

24 oz stand-alone canister for pressurized application

Fuel Vacuum Tool (FvT16)

16 oz canister for vacuum application

Premium Quality Tools

Use our tools over and over again.

Innovated Design

Created with the user in mind.

Replacement Parts

Keep using our tools for years to come by fixing parts that need replacing.



We currently have sets and individual adapters to facilitate ease of service and to comply with the reduction of emissions.

Fuel Service Tool

Replacement Parts

We want to honor our promise that our tools are built for many years to come. Due to the nature of your work, wear and tear can happen. Instead of buying a brand new tool, we do have parts for sale that you can replace or we do offer refurbishing services.

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