Brake Adapter 2″ Extension (BA2X)


One or more of the Brake Adapter 2″ Extensions can be used with any of the Affinity Engineering Group brake adapters to raise the connector and improve access to the service hose.  Used with either the Brake Adapter Swivel Assembly (BASA) or the Brake Adapter Swivel Hose (BASH).

This 2″ extension is used with:
Any Affinty Engineering Group brake adapters (BAK8 and BAK5R ) with the Affinity Engineering Group Brake Service Tool (BST32 and BST64)

This is sold as a single adapter (can be stacked).

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SKU: BA2X Category: Tags: ,
SKU: BA2X Category: Tags: ,
Features of Brake Adapter 2″ Extension (BA2X):

The Brake Adapter 2″ Extension can be used with any of the Affinity Engineering Group brake adapters and the Swivel Assembly Brake Adapter or the Brake Adapter Swivel Hose.

Additional information

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Service Instructions


Remove the current connector, install one or more 2″ extensions and re-install the connector.  Tighten all components snuggly to avoid leaking.

① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap.

② Use new brake fluid with vehicle’s DOT rating. Do not intermix incompatible brake fluids.

③ Use dry air source only. Drain tool filter if required.

④ Set service pressure between 15 psi and 20 psi for normal service. Some systems may require higher.  High pressures may damage brake fluid reservoir.

⑤ Install reservoir adapter and check for leaks.

⑥ Use manufacturer’s recommended brake bleed sequence. Fluid level label measures volume dispensed to each wheel.

⑦ Test brakes when complete…..before moving vehicle.


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