Brake Service Waste Bottle (BSWB32)


The 32 oz waste bottle is a simple, durable container used to capture waste brake fluid during pressure bleed service.

SKU: BSWB32 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: BSWB32 Category: Tags: ,
Up to 32 oz fluid exchange
Compact, low cost design
Features of Brake Service Waste Bottle (BSWB32):
  • Connect silicone rubber hose to bleeder valve to capture waste brake fluid during pressure bleed service.
  • Mounting cable allows the bottle to be moved and secured at each wheel.
  • Remove top and dump waste fluid when service is complete.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap.

② Use new brake fluid with vehicle’s DOT rating. Do not intermix incompatible brake fluids.

③ Use dry air source only. Drain tool filter if required.

④ Set service pressure between 15 psi and 20 psi for normal service. Some systems may require higher.  High pressures may damage brake fluid reservoir.

⑤ Install reservoir adapter and check for leaks.

⑥ Use manufacturer’s recommended brake bleed sequence. Fluid level label measures volume dispensed to each wheel.

⑦ Test brakes when complete…..before moving vehicle.


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