Brake Service Vacuum Tool (BSVT16)


The 16 oz muli-pupose vacuum tool is a professional evacuation tool that can be used to remove old brake fluid from reservoir or to perform vacuum fluid exchange service. The design is compatible with most other automotive fluids.

SKU: BSVT16 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: BSVT16 Category: Tags: ,
Patented: US Pat. Nos. 11,079,018, 11,662,021 - US Des. Pat. Nos. D927,636, D958,927, D958,528
Up to 16 oz fluid exchange
Compact, low cost design
Features of Brake Service Vacuum Tool (BSVT16):

Multi-purpose vacuum tool

  • Can be used to remove old brake fluid from brake fluid reservoir before performing complete fluid exchange.  Remove reservoir cap and vacuum out fluid.
  • Can be used for vacuum brake service.  Remove brake reservoir cap.  Attach silicone rubber hose to open bleeder valve and vacuum fluid from brake fluid system.  Refill reservoir to ensure it remains full.
  • Use as a multi-purpose fluid evacuation tool.  Compatible with most automotive fluids.  Not recommended for gasoline, diesel or other combustable fluids.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Service Instructions



① Close valve and attach air line.

② For vacuum service, open valve on outlet of vacuum generator block.

③ Open air line valve to create a vacuum with the tool.

④ Insert/attach silicone rubber hose into fluid source being removed.  Watch tank level and shut off air when waste fluid level nears the top of the tool.

⑤ To empty waste fluid, chose an appropriate container to dump the waste fluid. Close the valve on the outlet of the vacuum generator block. Hold the silicone rubber hose firmly and slowly open the air line valve.  When tank is fully emptied, close the air line valve.

⑥ Open the valve on the outlet of the vacuum generator block for vacuum service.


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