Fuel Service Tool (FST24)


The multipurpose, 24 oz Affinity EG Fuel Service stand-alone tool can be used to clean both gasoline fuel induction systems through the throttle body and fuel injectors/combustion chambers when connected to the fuel rail. This professional grade tool is designed with a clear tank to allow the cleaner level to be monitored during the service.

SKU: FST24 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: FST24 Category: Tags: ,
Patented: US Pat. Nos. 11,079,018, 11,662,021 - US Des. Pat. Nos. D927,636, D958,927, D958,528
Features of Fuel Service Tool (FST24):
  • Our most durable, professional grade fuel service tool
  • Clear tank allows fuel cleaner level to be monitored during service
  • Gold anodized flanges help tech identify color coded tool for fuel service
  • Service valve to control process flow of the fuel system cleaner
  • Rectus style, female quick connect for adapter connection
  • Dual pressure gauges allows monitoring rail pressure while setting tool service pressure (if when used with valved service hose adapter or Schrader valve)
  • Flat tank bottom allows the tool to be filled/serviced while sitting on a table
  • For fuel induction service use Affinity EG flexible fuel induction service ‘S’ adapter #31608S (not included)
  • For fuel injection service use Affinity EG fuel injection kit #FIKM000 (not included)

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attached required fuel injection adapter to vehicle and service tool. Disengage vehicle fuel pump.

③ Set tool pressure required for engine. Open service hose valve and start engine. Run all cleaner until engine stops.

④ Remove tool & fuel injection adapter. Re-engage fuel pump.


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap. Fill with injection cleaner.

② Attach “S” Tool or Flex Nozzle Tool for induction service.

③ Close service hose valve and set tool pressure to 60 psi.

④ Install “S” tool in fresh air tube at throttle plate, or set Flex Nozzle Tool from throttle plate with fresh air tube removed (disconnect MAF sensor).

⑤ Run service on warm engine at 1200 RPM. Blow out 3-4 times during service to strip soot/carbon and clear induction system.

⑥ After service, run 10 min. then drive briskly to clear induction system.

⑦ Reconnect MAF sensor and clear any engine codes.


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