Fuel Injection Service Manifold 5/16″ & 6 MM (FISA0056)


Fuel Injection Service Manifold provides quick & simple fuel injection services. Snap the manifold in the fuel line at the engine fuel rail. Rotate two valves to run the service. No need to disengage the fuel pump. Eliminates the frustrations of traditional fuel injection service. FISA0035 fits both 5/16″ & 6 mm fuel line connections.

Fuel injection manfiold to be used with FST16 and FST24 Fuel Service Tools.

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SKU: FISA0056 Category: Tags: , ,

Fuel Tool (FST16)

Fuel Tool (FST24)



Features of Fuel Injection Service Manifold 5/16″ & 6 MM (FISA0056):
  • Fits 5/16” and 6 mm fuel lines (disconnect brass adater on side that fits fuel rail)
  • Insert manifold in-line at the fuel rail connection
  • To start the service, close manifold side connected to the line from the fuel tank & open the fuel tool valve
  • To end the service, shut the fuel tool valve and immediately open manifold side from the fulel tank
  • Quick, easy service provides thorough cleaning of injectors and combustion chamber

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Service Instructions

① Connect the manifold to the fuel line at the engine. Leave both valves open.

② Connect Affinity EG FST24 to the fuel injection manifold with the process valve closed.

③ Start engine and monitor fuel rail pressure on the process gauge and set the FST24 at the same pressure.

④ When ready to begin the service, open the FST24 process valve and close the valve on the hose from the fuel tank.

⑤ When the fuel injection cleaner nears the bottom of the FST24, open the fuel line valve and close the FST24 process valve.


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