3/8 Female Snap Lock Adapter (9719)


Adapter part for:
Diesel Service Tool (DIT32 and DIT64 kit #9719)
This is sold as a single adapter.

Diesel Tool (DIT32)

Diesel Tool (DIT64)

Features of 3/8 Female Snap Lock Adapter (9719):

Light Duty Diesel Injection Kit includes one 3/8 female snap lock in addition to many other adapters.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap.

② Fill tool with diesel injection cleaner.

③ Attach required adapters to vehicle diesel fuel lines.

④ Connect BLACK service hose (pressure gauge side) to the “Feed” line adapter and the RED service hose (pressure regulator side) to the “Return” line adapter. If required, disengage or loop diesel fuel lift pumps.

⑤ NON-PRESSURIZED SERVICE: If diesel fuel pressure is not required (no lift pump or connected behind the lift pump), open the tool fill cap slightly during service to avoid creating vacuum in the tool.

⑥ PRESSURIZED SERVICE: If pressure is required (replaces lift pump pressure), set tool pressure to the required fuel pressure level for that engine.

⑦ Run engine at idle until cleaner drops to “0—–0” level, then shut off.

⑧ Remove diesel fuel adapters, service tool, reconnect fuel lines, and pump.


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