Diesel Induction and EGR Service Tool (EGR64)


The Affinity EG Diesel Induction and EGR Service Tool provides a simple service to remove exhaust soot from the diesel induction, EGR valve and exhaust systems where EGR gases flow.  Eliminate performance and MIL/Dash warnings caused by reduced cooler and induction flow.  Specfic job aids provided for each engine.

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SKU: EGR64 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: EGR64 Category: Tags: ,
Patented: US Pat. No. 11,079,018 - US Des. Pat. Nos. D927,636, D958,927, D958,528
64 oz cleaner capacity
Up to 120 psi rating
Features of Diesel Induction and EGR Service Tool (EGR64):
  • Tool allows cleaning of Diesel Induction, EGR valve and Exhaust/cooler systems
  • Durable construction yet in a compact, lightweight design
  • Clear tank allows cleaner level to be monitored during the service
  • Black anodized flanges help tech identify color coded tool for diesel service
  • Process control valves allow cleaner and air to be controlled separately
  • Flat tank bottom allows the tool to be filled/serviced while sitting on a table
  • Adapters available for most light duty vehicles

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 15 in
Service Instructions

(must use specific engine job aids for all details):

① Remove the tool fill cap and fill tool with water-based cleaner.

② Install the exhaust and intake adapters.

③ Attach the adapters to the Affinity EG service manifold and connect the manifold to the Affinity EG Diesel Induction & EGR Service Tool.

④ Start the engine and bring to normal operating temperature.

⑤ Set tool pressure to 50-60 psi & open the Exhaust valve to run 32 oz of cleaner through the exhaust system.

⑥ Rotate the manifold valve to the exhaust setting and increase engine to 1500 RPM.  Run the remaining 32 oz through the induction system.

⑦ Run the engine 10 minutes after the cleaner is consumed and remove adapters.  Drive vehicle to clear/remove any loosened soot.

⑧ Run DPF regeneration cycle if required


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