Diesel Injection Tool (DIT32)


The 32 oz  Affinity EG Diesel Injection Tool is designed to remove diesel fuel injector and combustion chamber deposits.  Simple connection to most diesel engines allows for quick, easy maintenance service that optimizes engine performance and reduces particulate emission.  Reduced particulate emissions reduces soot deposits in the EGR emission system and diesel particualte filter.

SKU: DIT32 Category: Tags: ,
SKU: DIT32 Category: Tags: ,
Patented: US Pat. Nos. 11,079,018, 11,662,021 - US Des. Pat. Nos. D927,636, D958,927, D958,528
32 oz cleaner capacity
Rated up to 120 psi
Features of Diesel Injection Tool (DIT32):
  • Durable construction yet in a compact, lightweight design
  • Designed for both pressurized and non-pressurized applications
  • Clear tank allows the cleaner level to be monitored during the service
  • Black anodized flanges help tech identify color coded tool for diesel service
  • Flat tank bottom allows the tool to be filled/serviced while sitting on a table
  • Use with Affinity EG #DIT-LDA diesel Injection adapter kit (not included)

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Service Instructions


① Depressurize tool before removing fill cap.

② Fill tool with diesel injection cleaner.

③ Attach required adapters to vehicle diesel fuel lines.

④ Connect BLACK service hose (pressure gauge side) to the “Feed” line adapter and the RED service hose (pressure regulator side) to the “Return” line adapter. If required, disengage or loop diesel fuel lift pumps.

⑤ NON-PRESSURIZED SERVICE: If diesel fuel pressure is not required (no lift pump or connected behind the lift pump), open the tool fill cap slightly during service to avoid creating vacuum in the tool.

⑥ PRESSURIZED SERVICE: If pressure is required (replaces lift pump pressure), set tool pressure to the required fuel pressure level for that engine.

⑦ Run engine at idle until cleaner drops to “0—–0” level, then shut off.

⑧ Remove diesel fuel adapters, service tool, reconnect fuel lines, and pump.


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