Fluid Sample Dip Tray – Empty (FSDT6)


Fluid sample dip tray shows the comparison of new and customer fluid. Fill each vial with the appropriate fluid. Pipette included to help fill the vials.

Need them filled? Fluid Sample Dip Tray – Filled (FSDT6F)

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SKU: FSDT6 Categories: , Tag:



Features of Fluid Sample Dip Tray – Empty (FSDT6):
  • Fill each vial with the appropriate fluid. Use typical coolant colors for your customer base. Clear and red power steering is typically used.
  • Slide a larger o-ring onto the vial neck and insert the vial into the mounting hole.
  • Insert a small o-ring into the cap and install the cap onto the vial. Tighten snuggly to seal the vial and position it on the mounting tray.
  • Plastic pipette provided for filling the vials. Low-cost, fluid dispensing machines with needle tips are also available for filling large numbers of trays. Here is one on Amazon.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs


Leakproof Caps: Small O-rings to insert into the vial caps to provide a leak-tight seal when snuggly tightened onto the vial.

Mounting O-Ring: Increased the mounting O-ring one size to allow easier centering in the hole, and lower tightening torque to secure in place.


  • Robust lettering does not wipe off when cleaned.
  • Trays can be purchased filled or un-filled.  Plastic pipette provided for manual filling.
  • Vails can easily be field re-filled if your customer asked for a specific brand color or a vial is broken.
  • Mileage intervals provide a consistent basis for recommending fluid services that retain Titanium Protection
  • New fluid vials are mounted with clear visibility making it easy for customers to see how clean the new fluids are.
  • Open dimples are easy to wipe clean for the next customer dip.
  • Coolant or brake fluid test strips can easily be laid on the tray for display with the fluid samples.
Service Instructions
  • Wipe tray clean before pulling fluid samples.
  • Using straw or small rod, dip into the vehicle fluid and drip sample drops of each system fluid into the appropriate tray dimple
  • Pull samples from each fluid as possible to reach
  • Samples can be shown to the customer to visualize the fluid deterioration, but fluid services should be made based on specific mileage intervals, not fluid comparison


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